Five Lessons in Installation Art 101 with Puja Pandal Hopping!

A decade or so back when friends would say: “We are going to Calcutta for the Puja”, the Delhites would wonder what the brouhaha was all about. What was this connection between every Bengali and Durga Puja Pandal? These temporary Hindu Temples come up for nine days in a year and block many roads all over the city causing traffic snarls and packed streets. One wonders, “What’s the rush about?” avoiding the affected streets. Life comes to a standstill specially in the last 2-3 days and even if you don’t step out, your newspaper stops coming, offices close early and … Continue reading Five Lessons in Installation Art 101 with Puja Pandal Hopping!

Your Design vs My Design

“Anyone can design” said the learned Professor, ” But not everyone can be good at it.” Like Meryl Streep (sic), designers too are considered overrated for the work they do by many people. The circles, squares, shapes and other random stuff which looks so simplistic is part of a finished composition, might appear “kiddish” to the average person viewing it. They might get the “feel” and sense of completion but at back of many minds is perhaps the thought: “Did I really pay so much for this? I could have done this myself. Wait a minute, my kid could have … Continue reading Your Design vs My Design