How we “Make in India”

Nothing Happens unless something Moves.

Albert Einstein.

Last autumn, I got the opportunity to take a “Makers” workshop for a bunch of management students. They considered it as “craft” exercise. The aspect of making was new to some of them.

We started with the material most familiar to them and many people across the world and that is Paper.

For the next Makers Workshop we introduced Plastic and this time the group was clearer with their understanding of how to use a material

The next trimester, we introduced a Hackathon competition and the brief was to use basic material such as ice cream sticks and rubber bands to create something that demonstrates the conversion of potential energy into movement.


Our group of students was now prepared as they tackled this subject in a limited time within our “Makers Space”. The selected few from these got the chance to explore innovation in a multidisciplinary group at an MIT event at Nasik.


Guess what I found! A 1990s clipping.

I think exposing yourself to new ideas and new industries and new places that are doing things in unconventional ways is terribly important” says the interviewee. Hold true even today.

…..The exciting new companies are inventing their way along without any role models”, talks about the spirit of risk and adventure in the game. This was the mid 90’s.

Around 20 years back, when digital technology was not omnipresent and accessible like it is today, some of us used to cut interesting news items from the magazines and papers called “clippings” and the more methodical ones used to file these, with proper indexing. With digital archiving, this seems like a meaningless exercise and the process of clipping, saving, storing and sharing is now simplified with a simple click or two.

When I had torn off that series of Quotations that I have been sharing on this blog, along with them I had also managed to save this page of interview on the backside of one of those papers. I discovered it only while electronically saving the well preserved papers (as you can see the article is dated March 1994, almost 21 years back). I found some statements to be classic and profound and very interesting even today!


I believe this is part of an interview of Management Guru, Tom Peters by Business Today magazine.