Lady In The Deluge

There is something about Calcutta which brings out the need for creative expression. The rain clouds over the sky for over fours months a year. Many times it rains when the sun is shining. Dull, dreary, this perhaps explains the slow pace of everything including traffic. The last week across the globe has been about floods. Everywhere. Typhoon. Tornado. Bursts of rain in Mumbai yet again, and of-course in Calcutta too. Who is the “Lady In The Deluge”? She seems to be an urban lady, dressed for a party. Wearing a cold shoulder dress, tattered at one sleeve. Her oversized … Continue reading Lady In The Deluge

How Colour Branding is working in Politics

Elections in India have become a huge gala of sound, noise and drama. Add the songs, events, digital marketing and you get a full 360 marketing campaign. Today’s public held swearing-in ceremony at the state capital Kolkata, was fashionable. The newly elected party had in huge doses, a political brand presence. It demonstrated people power, by the sheer number of human population surrounding the event and an association with a certain color scheme, liberally used in the decorations. For a State that boasts of as much  land territory and population as that of a small country ; a state language … Continue reading How Colour Branding is working in Politics

Colour (s) of the Year 2016.

Every year, colour company Pantone releases a shade what it calls the “Colour of the year” which is then popularized by its use in products and fashion. Last year it was Marsala, a reddish brown hue. When Pantone announced not one, but two colours of the year for 2016, it was somewhat surprising deviating from its tradition of a single main colour. If one thinks deeply, can there really be only one colour for a year? In the landscape above, the morning sky seemed to have “followed” Pantone’s colour direction for the year. In its vastness it enveloped not just … Continue reading Colour (s) of the Year 2016.

Honey Trap. Neckpiece inspired by the 70’s #movie DON.

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That’s Helen. Belonging to an era where the vamp was separate from the heroine in the Indian Cinema. Indian cinema seems to be celebrating 100 years this year. I happened to go through a book by film Historian Feroze Rangoonwala, in an equally quaint library in colaba, chronicling the movie history upto the current,which was then 1978. It was surprising, he gave only a picture mention in the entire book to the movie Don, of Amitabh Bacchan who was later catapulted to became a superstar. He mentioned ” a crime thriller” “current star” “villager becomes… Continue reading Honey Trap. Neckpiece inspired by the 70’s #movie DON.

Radiant orchid in Goa

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We designers look at colors a bit differently. We study their tonal values, their saturation levels, effect of their juxtaposition with other colors and sometimes even give them names. So when I came across a particularly rich colored building in an otherwise drab street in Goa, I screamed in my mind: Radiant Orchid!! Well, that’s the name of the “Color of the year” for 2014 given by Pantone. And this happened to be around 2014. But I’m not sure the painter or the contractor had this in their mind while commissioning these hues for the… Continue reading Radiant orchid in Goa

The new Apple IPhone and India?

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Apple’s new iphone. Will it make a difference in India compared to other competing brands? The colours seem fresh and new; but for Apple. Fashion history has seen that bright colours like neon are generally short lived trends which last for a couple of years in the classic “fad” phenomena. They peak during their popularity period and then rapidly decline. Remember acid tones, which gained popularity a decade back? Once the fad reached the streets, it quickly exited along with bell sleeves and platform heels. While acid tones have a neutral association, apart from the… Continue reading The new Apple IPhone and India?

How I used sequins to transform a Shell

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Sometimes you just have to use what is available to come up with an innovative solution. These are some designs from the metal sequin and shell collection that we had developed in Goa on our last visit. Its interesting how this came up. Mussel shells were the green shells that get generally thrown away as the locals found no use of them either in product craft or otherwise. The beautiful green color at the top had a tendency to chip. So most of the shells were lack luster at the top and green towards the… Continue reading How I used sequins to transform a Shell

Designing the Manager or Managing the designer?

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Often we hear the term Manager. Often we hear the profile “Designer”. Then there are the Designer Managers, a breed fast growing with the need of the industry to self structure. Senior management and HR try to fill this gap generally from the marketing or retail side, which they feel are better equipped at handling the management activities. But is it always effective? Creative people are generally assumed to be Right brained. which means that their creative appreciation, sense of intuition is much stronger than that of the Left brained, who are supposed to be… Continue reading Designing the Manager or Managing the designer?

Defining market scope for Costume Jewellery

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Christophe contacted Sarika, an Indian designer, after years of acquaintance, this march. He was very excited. He had just been back from a spring summer 2011 forecast show and one of the themes this year had been India. He took India as an inspiration and now was looking for a partner for potential collaboration. “Will it be sourcing again like last time?” asked Sarika. “Non, It will be much more. We can design here. And if Yvonne (design head) likes, we can market your collection under our brand as well, like you wanted.” “And we… Continue reading Defining market scope for Costume Jewellery