Found lost pictures

Recently I found some pictures of jewellery made in a workshop that I had conducted in Goa some years back as part of sensitization to local ladies to the use of indigenous material.

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Design Protection- part 1

The Wanderer

Recently someone asked me if I had patented certain craft products that were  developed. Not only the admirer of the products, but also the commissioning agency themselves had doubts about the ownership of the designs. “They belong to the craftsmen”, I offered. There were doubts, skeptics. “But they will fight amongst themselves, that this is my design and that is his design….” .

Jimmy Wales looked quite dapper in his white coat and the sunshine brought out the spark in his eyes. This was at a conference some years back. The topic of discussion was open knowledge. Wikipedia had plans to come up with an encyclopedia of the sorts that would incorporate all the information available on the wiki into a compilation of books.

That time I was in middle of a  project regarding protection of traditional crafts knowledge in the country. So, Jimmy Wales’s presentation of his ideas created…

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Of Jewellery Tradition,Fashion Peace and other little things

The Wanderer

The thing I miss the most today, is my Nikon FG complete with the collection of the lens which was the first camera I ever bought. No travel trip can be complete without a camera and as a designer, its the most essential tool for documentation. After my Nikon was lost (thats another story), I picked an automatic canon which lasted me till last years carnival and its somewhere buried in the sands of Baga Beach.(two am and 5 inebriated people couldn’t help me locate it). Right now, I’m making do with an even simpler version of canon, so I’m hoping that is  excuse enough for the picture quality on my website. I missed my nikon yesterday, when I saw some amazing jewellery worn by the local ladies here in Goa. Its surprising how diverse is the mix of population here in Panjim.

Did you know that coral is considered…

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