Defining market scope for Costume Jewellery

The Wanderer

Christophe contacted Sarika, an Indian designer, after years of acquaintance, this march. He was very excited. He had just been back from a spring summer 2011 forecast show and one of the themes this year had been India. He took India as an inspiration and now was looking for a partner for potential collaboration. “Will it be sourcing again like last time?” asked Sarika. “Non, It will be much more. We can design here. And if Yvonne (design head) likes, we can market your collection under our brand as well, like you wanted.” “And we sell in Europe?” she asked. “Yes, we source all over the world, manufacture here to cut costs, distribute over e-mall as well as our store in France”. Great!  The emails were exchanged. Sarika waited for his visit. And waited. Christophe never got back. His Chinese supplier had provided him a better deal for setting the…

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